Removing Tonsil Stones

how to remove tonsil stones

Removing tonsil stones may be necessary if they are bugging you.  Especially if you have had a sore throat bad breath or even ear pain recently.  When you remove tonsil stones from your mouth these problems should clear up pretty quickly.  Some doctors will recommend surgery to remove your tonsil stones but this is not always necessary.  Surgery can be painful and quite expensive so why go through that if you really do not have to.  Removing tonsil stones on your own is another option, here are some tips on how to do it.

First off let’s take a look at the wrong way to remove tonsil stones.  Generally you will see articles about removing tonsil stones that tell you how to dislodge but not remove them completely.  Usually these methods consist of using a Q-tip or similar object to dislodge your tonsil stones.  When you use this method you should know that your tonsil stones will come back and you can possibly do damage to your tonsils if you are not extremely careful.

Surgery is another option; however, it is usually not necessary.  If you go to the doctor and ask them about removing your tonsil stones they will probably recommend surgery first.  Make sure you get a second opinion to double check.  In some cases you will not have the option of removing tonsil stones on your own and you will have to go through with surgery.

Other options include using nasal sprays and antibiotics; these are usually prescribed by your doctor and will provide temporary relief.  However, when it comes to removing tonsil stones these will not provide you with a permanent solution.

You can remove tonsil stones naturally (read more on that here) without having to go to the doctor’s office.  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms stated previously: sore throat, bad breath, ear pain; and then you should think about removing tonsil stones from your body sooner rather than later.