All about Tonsil Stones Post Nasal drip

tonsil stones post nasal drip

When an individual is experiencing the post nasal drip and have tonsils one has greater chance of having white lumps on their tonsils which are known as tonsil stones or tonsilloliths. Post nasal drips and sinus problems can have a serious impact on the tonsil’s health. Tonsil stones post nasal drip is a serious issue and it can lead to bad breath. People who do not remove their tonsils remove even for once single time can often suffer from white protuberances which are known as tonsil stones. It can be cause of consistent pain and bad breath in human beings.

When does it occur?

The white colored stone type of protuberances that occur from post nasal drips and tonsil stones are created because of the excess amount of mucus which grows on the back of the throat and on the top of tonsils. The mucus is accumulated there which is mixed with small pieces of food that is the constant source of food supply to the bacteria in your mouth. These events when combined gives rise to tonsil stones that is even more harmful for the body as it can lead to severe tonsil infections.

Why Does It Cause Bad Breath?

The bacteria that are present in the mouth and those that are present behind the tongue are greatly exposed to the proteins of the mucus which can emit some foul smelling sulfur compounds as the molecules are broken down. This is the reason for the atrocious smell that comes when someone has nasal issues. Another cause can be the formation of the tonsil stones that is basically a collection of dead cells which gradually take the shape of stones and works as food for the bacteria in your mouth.

Causes of Tonsil Stones and Post Nasal Drip

The causes of post nasal drips are sinus or environmental irritants, abundance of mucus in the throat, cold and flu, nasal infections, low humidity, hormonal and pregnancy changes. The cause of tonsil stones are chronic tonsillitis, dry mouth, post nasal drips along with the genetic factors like the size, shape of the tonsil crypts. These may lead to formation of bad breath along with difficulty in speaking and swallowing food.

Symptoms of Tonsil Stones and Post Nasal Drips:

The symptoms of post nasal drips are running of the nose because of the flow of the mucus. Congestion in the nose, constant clearing of the throat, broken voice, coughing, wheezing, bad breath, mucus feeling in the throat, constant swallowing that can lead toe excess of air volume in the stomach. Along with these one can experience vomiting nausea and fatigue when suffering from post nasal drips. Again the cause of the tonsil stones are painful swallowing, metallic tastes, inflammation, pain and discomfort along with foul smell are some of the causes of tonsil stones. Again the white or yellow debris are visible to the doctors when an individual undergoes the CT scan or the X-ray scan.

Natural Remedies:

The natural remedies for this issue of tonsil stones post nasal drips is a steam bath that can help you to get rid of this situation. Boiling of water and then pouring of one cup of vinegar in it can really help you to get rid of this situation. Also you can gargle with the help of warm water and salt for 2-3 times in a day. Again you can also take the help of alcohol free mouthwash that can give you the best results. These types of remedies will help the tonsil stones to break and also clear the sinus passages thus helping you to be free from post nasal drips. Again one can try out ginger ale and also drink salt water for better results. With the help of the machine called waterpik one can massage the area where the tonsil stones are present and help them to pop out. Enough pressure is needed for this type of treatment to be done.


Certain medications are also helpful in treating this sort of problems. When one visits the physicians for this problem they are treated with nasal decongestants, anticonvulsants, anorexiants, antidepressants, narcotics, antihistamines etc. These type of medications can help you to get rid of this issues if your follow the medications regularly.

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Surgery is the last option that can resort when they are not getting the best results with the help of the home remedies and the medications. The situations gets worse with the growth of the tonsil stones and if physicians feel that the condition is too serious they can advice an individual to go for a surgery. This is known as tonsillectomy and the tonsils are removed with the help of this surgery. The surgery is performed by an otolaryngologist at a local hospital, surgery centre or a clinic. The surgery last for 45 minutes and it is done with the help of special tools and scrapers that can remove the tonsils from the throat.

Recent Studies and Researches

The recent studies and researches in this field say that not always post nasal drips can result in bad breath. Bad breath occurs due to the tonsil stones and also the food that we eat. Mucus is odorless and it is not always the cause of bad breath. One can get help from nasal sinus irrigator that can help in giving relief from nasal problems and post drip sinus issues.

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Tonsil stones post nasal drip can lead to serious issues if you do not deal with it at the proper time. One must take the help of the physician if they are not sure of how to get rid of this problem. The best way to get rid of tonsil stones and post nasal drips is to get rid of the foods that can make the condition worse. Cheese or any other milk products can help in preparing the bacteria so avoid these kinds of food at this stage. These kinds of foods are the best resources to the bacteria so it’s better to avoid them during this time. Again one may ask the doctor to prepare the nutrition list for you so that you can get an idea of what to eat during this time. Whenever some white spots like protuberances are seen near the tonsils and also mucus is running form nose one must visit the doctor immediately for the best treatment.