Top 8 Causes of Tonsil Stones

cause of tonsil stones

Tonsil Stone

At some point in life, you may have developed a tonsil stone and after the whole experience, you have kept on wondering what tonsil stones causes are. You have always asked yourself questions like; why is it that only some people suffer from tonsil stone while others do not? When you initially look at the possible sources of tonsil stones, you will end up realizing that tonsils are actually not the main causes of tonsil stones. Tonsils only offer a medium and environment where tonsil stones develop. Tonsil surfaces comprise of fissure which facilitate accumulations of certain debris in the mouth that are rich in protein which are usually collected in the crevices. This is also made possible by the fact that anaerobic bacteria calcify to become tonsil stones.

There are a number of symptoms of tonsil stones. Some of the main symptoms include; bad breath, sore throat, tonsil swelling and at times ear pain. A number of research studies have found out that, tonsil stone mostly appear to be a widespread affliction. In a 2007 study, one of the French researchers observed that in a sample scan of 515 CT, 31 subjects which is about 6% of the study subject had their nasopharyngeal tonsils showing evidence of calcified matter.

Dr. Harold Katz, who is a respected dentist in Los Angeles as well as the author of “The Bad Breath Bible,” argues that he suspects that a significant number of Americans also suffer from tonsil stones.

Top causes of Tonsil Stones

1)Recurring tonsillitis

When tonsils are frequently inflamed they promote development of tonsil stone. This is essentially as a result of excess bacteria which infects the tonsils. The fact that tonsillitis are made up of oral bacteria, causes development of tonsil stone when bouts are repeated.

2)Dry mouth

A dry mouth means no saliva to cleansing the mouth frequently. It offers a perfect environment for anaerobic bacteria to rapidly reproduce and as a result tonsil stones develop.(See How to Prevent Tonsil Stones)

3)Food particles

One of the major contributors of tonsil stone is poor oral hygiene. Failure to brush and rinse your teeth and the mouth regularly allows food particles to remain between the teeth and tiny pockets where the teeth meet joins with the gums. When the food particles decay in the mouth they attract harmful bacteria. With time the harmful bacteria reproduce. This encourages formation of tonsil stone.

4)Dead white cells

When the immune system detects a potential pathogen in the tonsillitis crypts, white blood cells are immediately flooded to that area. After a while, the white blood cells die and add up to the infectious particle’s mass. This causes tonsil stones in some sense.

5)Mucus and phlegm

When nasal passages that are frequently irritated by; allergies, respiratory diseases and sinusitis produce a lot of mucus, it at times drips down the back of the throat. At times the throat is not able to contain the mucus hence the throat ends up becoming the breeding ground for the anaerobic bacteria which is usually nourished by mucus and phlegm that has accumulated causing tonsil stone.

6)Abnormal oral pH levels

When the mouth’s pH level is below 5.5(acidic condition), it encourages growth of bacteria. When the mouth has an acidic environment, it rapidly erodes the tooth enamel and leads to tooth decay and gum disease which all plays a role in causing tonsil stones.

7) Oral fungal infections

Oral thrush (Candida) is usually a fungal infection that arises as a response when the immune system is compromised. It occurs when a person gets elderly or one is taking medication, receiving chemotherapy or generally experiencing health problems. When there is bacterial growth in the mouth of a person suffering from fungal infections, it may become explosive and create tonsil stones.

8)High dietary intake of dairy products

Large amounts of dairy products like cheese or milk is one of the major tonsil stones causes. These products have a lot of proteins, which cause the mouth to be dry. This elevates the level of oral acidic that facilitate the calcification process which hardens tonsil stones.

Eliminating Tonsil Stone Causes

To ensure that tonsil stones causes are eliminated such that you do not incur a lot of expenses in process like painful surgery, you may want to try a number of tips like; using some credible oral hygiene products that are known to contain ingredients which kill anaerobic bacteria. Secondly ensure that your mouth is kept hydrated with the mouth saliva as well as creating oxygenated conditions where bacteria cannot thrive. If the problem persists, try Fast Tonsil Stones Cure Progam, it works perfectly.