CBD Oil for your Health

CBD Oil for your Health

More and more people are switching to using CBD oil. Is it a new health hype or can we really speak of a revolutionary drug with many health effects? Could CBD oil be the answer you’re looking for? Or might you be better off going with THC oil? I went to investigate and am amazed at what I discovered!

Difference between CBD oil and THC oil

CBD oil is made in the Netherlands from the hemp plant. This plant contains virtually no THC. You can therefore not get high or stoned from CBD oil. CBD oil is available in different strengths. If you want to start with CBD oil, you can start with a 5% CBD oil. The 2.5% oil is more suitable for animals and children.

Hemp oil or THC oil may not be sold in the Netherlands. If you want to use the health benefits of THC oil, you can make it yourself. If this interests you, I would always look for organic hemp. That way you can be sure that the hemp is not contaminated with pesticides and the like. Unfortunately, a 100% guarantee cannot be given due to the current Dutch legislation and lack of supervision. Of course, you can grow your own CBD plant if you want to be 100% certain.

The endocannabinoid system

Your body is supplied with so-called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids together are called the endocannabinoid system (endo means body). These endocannabinoids are found in the brain, organs, glands and connective tissue, among other places. They bind to so-called CB1 receptors, which are mainly located in the brain, and to CB2 receptors spread throughout your body. The endocannabinoid system regulates the homeostasis of the body. This is the balancing of all functions in the body (such as temperature, acidity, blood pressure and respiration) and the body’s ability to maintain this balance despite environmental influences.

The CBD plant contains about 120 different cannabinoids; they are then called phytocannabinoids (phyto means plant). These phytocannabinoids are very similar to our endocannabinoids; they are body-identical and therefore never harmful. The most well-known phytocannabinoids are THC and CBD.

Making your own CBD oil or THC oil

You can get to work making the CBD oil or THC oil yourself. This is less complicated than it seems. The Mediwiet Foundation organizes Master Classes, where you learn how to make your own CBD oil with the help of a Cannolator. With the knowledge you gain here, you can also make THC oil yourself. Highly recommended!

Use and application of CBD oil and THC oil

The effect varies from person to person. Any drug only works well in about 50% of a population. In the other 50% it works less (to not). This also applies to CBD oil. Finding the right dosage is personal.
If you want to start with CBD oil, choose a dosage of 5% CBD. The 2.5% CBD oil is more suitable for animals and children.

CBD oil: You start with 1-2 drops under your tongue twice a day. Look in the mirror as you drip so you can see exactly how many drops you are taking. You can also drip it on your hand and lick it off.

Hemp oil or THC oil: if you are taking the hemp oil for the first time, always make sure you are at home and don’t have to leave. Also, it is advisable to keep CBD oil on hand so that you can reduce an excess of CBD oil (and an unwanted high) with CBD oil. If you have taken too much, there is absolutely no harm in doing so. You will be able to notice something after about 15 minutes after taking it. After 3-5 hours it will wear off.

If you want to determine your upper limit of CBD oil, increase daily by 1 drop per intake. For example, if you notice that you get a high feeling at 6 drops, your upper limit is at 5 drops. You do not have to get stoned from CBD oil.
You keep the oil at room temperature. Always shake well before taking it.

There are specific dosages if you want to use CBD oil for cancer. According to Rick Simpson, you would need to take about 60 grams per day. You can only achieve this by building up the dosage slowly. On the Mediwiet website you can read about several practical experiences of people who have already achieved amazing results with a lower daily dose. The high of CBD oil is different from the high of smoking CBD. You will feel sleepy rather than stoned when using CBD oil.

Here’s what you can expect when you get high: a feeling of euphoria that slowly turns into a contented feeling of calm and tranquility. Other possible “side effects” include: relaxation, laughing spells, hunger, increased sensitivity of the senses (e.g., music), drowsiness, decreased responsiveness, and a different perception of time and space.

Zaida S. Goodman