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What we cannot define, we cannot find; for our definition determines our destiny. One of humanity’s greatest debacle is loyalty to history as the norm for the present and the future. Humanity is so indebted to old thoughts that to think of something new seems disloyal to the legends of yesteryear. History must not be a status quo or an imperative norm for the present and the future, but an inspiration for the correction of the present and the reorientation of the future towards a better destiny for humanity. With regard to the achievement of health for all in the twenty-first century, humanity must overcome old thoughts and ways of exposing new methods, approaches, ideologies, and strategies to ensure the health of humanity. “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thought we had when we created them.

In the past, health was defined as having both body and mind working well, free of disease and pain. If this assertion has been unable to provide humanity with a vision to ensure the health of humanity, then it is fitting for humanity to think of the status quo. There is no way that humanity can solve the health challenges of the 21st century, except in the courage to explore the unknown. With respect to the 21st-century health plan, health is defined as an integrated state of being, a human body, soul and spirit that functions in absolute solidity. Therefore, health is not necessarily the absence of pain or physical symptoms of disease and infirmity. There are individuals without symptoms of pain, disease, and infirmity, but who are close to their grave. There are also people who died without any physical symptoms of pain or disease. Although they seemed fine, they died suddenly because they were not healthy.