Beauty Secrets of the Stars

Beauty Secrets of the Stars

He who wants to be beautiful must suffer! Because many a beauty secret of the stars seems bizarre. Smooth skin like Oprah Winfrey or a dream body like Elle MacPherson has to be earned. With these tricks it works!

Oprah Winfrey

You want to hear something weird? Guess what special cream the talk queen Oprah Winfrey swears by. For her, a natural skin tightener and skin cream for which human foreskin, among other things, is used, is the insider’s tip when it comes to beauty. The manufacturer stresses that the cells used in the cream were cultivated in the laboratory and not collected in the hospitals of the country. But this beauty secret is bizarre!

Naomi Campbell

A visit to the plastic surgeon would never be an option for the supermodel. “I would never have a facelift done. I’d rather use tape,” Naomi confessed. More precisely, she trusts her local hardware store and uses commercially available tape. With it she pulls her face tight, hiding the traces of the tape under a wig. At least this trick is not as painful as that of Gwyneth Paltrow .

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress is known for her penchant for unusual beauty treatments. Anyone who thinks that after her vagina steam baths, with which she keeps her intimate zone young, nothing weirder can come any more is mistaken. Her latest miracle cure for beautiful skin is damn painful. “I got stung by bees,” the beautiful blonde reported in an interview. “This is a method thousands of years old called apitherapy. It has always been used to treat inflammation and scarring. When you look at it, it’s really unbelievable. But, God, it’s so painful.” Bee allergy sufferers should not be advised to do this.

Elle MacPherson

At the age of 54, the Australian actress still has a character that many a woman doesn’t even dare dream of. Her beauty secret may not be painful, but not everyone’s taste. “I always have a pH test strip in my handbag to check the acidity of my urine,” revealed the former top model, also known as “The Body”. Simply because she is convinced that most diseases and sufferings come from an overacidified body.

Victoria Beckham

Now it’s getting really disgusting! The designer heard about this beauty knit for the first time in Japan. According to one of her friends, she admired the incredibly beautiful skin of Japanese women and found out why they look so good. Since then Victoria Beckham swears by a very special cream to fight her wrinkles. The wife of ex-kicker David Beckham also likes this cream worth 130 Euros per jar. The secret ingredient in the cream: nightingale excrement.

Sandra Bullock

The actress uses a beauty secret that many stars swear by. She smears her face with hemorrhoid cream. It is supposed to help against swellings under the eyes and lighten even dark shadows after a short night. Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn also swear by the hemorrhoid ointment. Dermatologists are rather sceptical about this trend, as the ointment may bring the desired success for a short time, but for good reasons it is not intended for the face.

 Jennifer Anniston

The actress has always been admired for her splendid hair and has already set many a hairstyle trend. Her very special secret recipe for taming unruly hair? The actress uses “Mane’n Tail”, a shampoo for horses that costs around 5 euros. Unusual, but obviously effective. Allegedly even Kim Kardashian swears by the bizarre shampoo.

Ayda Field

The actress can’t get excited about the saying “Hey, you pretty snail” anymore. Thanks to her bizarre beauty trick there is a lot of truth in this admittedly flat saying. Her secret against wrinkles: Snail slime. For this beauty treatment you definitely need a good stomach and must not be squeamish. Ayda Field was given specially bred nudibranchs by her husband Robbie Williams.

The little animals feed on small hairs – their mucus is supposed to provide moisture. Who has no problem with the idea of slippery reptiles on the face, can go immediately under the snail holders.

The right nutrition

It is well known that every actress pay attention to their diet. Before the big shows or important shootings, pretty much everyone renounces sugar, salty foods and of course alcohol. The vices are not only unhealthy, but also swell the skin. Instead there are alkaline vegetables and proteins. And of course for every actress: drink water, water, water!

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