CBD oil on stress level

CBD oil on stress level

The stir that CBD oil has caused in natural medicine does not stop, and more and more people are embracing the benefits of its use as a result of the positive effects on different ailments or ailments of the body without any kind of illegal narcotic action.

Although its therapeutic application has been used throughout history, current science has allowed to support this evidence, emphasizing its benefits as a natural adjuvant.

Now, CBD is just one of the phytocannabinoids that is part of the Cannabis plant to which a psychotropic action is attributed, the opposite is the case with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which has a significant impact on perception and mood due to its psychoactive action, even, at present, there are certain CBD extracts that contain legal doses of THC and have been incorporated as alternative therapies for certain conditions.

There is no doubt that the level of chronic stress can be the trigger of serious problems that put at risk the mental health of the individual, so, those people who consume CBD oil, incorporate to their organism a natural tool that modulates the response of neurotransmitters (serotonin or anandamide) in the “endocannabinoid system” allowing a state of relaxation similar to that offered by commercial drugs without the need to go through the side effects.

Benefits of CBD oil and its Antipsychotic Effect

Clinical research shows that the use of Cannabidiol in any of its presentations offers a neuroprotective effect that regulates the effects of psychotic symptoms or those derived from the abuse of addictive substances such as marijuana, for example.

Benefits of CBD oil on pain

Although the debate on the use of CBD as a line of combat against chronic pain has been raised, many are the specialists who agree to deepen the research on the subject and its safe application.

A study carried out on animals led to the conclusion that transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and behaviors related to arthritis pain, as well as its side effects. Another series of researches have given an answer to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD, however, it should not be administered without professional medical supervision.

Benefits of CBD oil on the skin

The cosmetic industry is not lagging behind with the incorporation of CBD oil to topical products that are used to combat various lesions caused by psoriasis, acne or eczema, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. However, clinical studies have not stopped in order to fully elucidate the true mechanism of action of CBD and its positive effect on the skin.

Benefits of CBD oil on neurodegenerative diseases

Another conclusive benefit of CBD oil is its neuroprotective effect in the presence of various pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, glutamate toxicity, and even neurodegeneration triggered by alcoholic substances.

Benefits of CBD oil and its anticancer action

Breast cancer cell cultures have been the protagonists to evaluate the antitumor action of the use of Cannabidiol or CBD demonstrating metastasis blockage, increased cell death (apoptosis) of cancer cells, the positive results point to the anti-inflammatory and oxidative properties of this cannabis derivative.

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