Mobile air conditioning in caravan

Mobile air conditioning in caravan

Many caravans do not have air conditioning installed as standard. But a mobile air conditioner can help to regulate the temperature to a pleasant climate even in midsummer.

Find out in this article what you have to consider when installing a mobile air conditioner in your caravan.

Why a mobile air conditioner?

The fixed air conditioners in caravans are usually relatively expensive and you must always take them with you – so drive around in the caravan. In the seasons when it is not warm, it only takes up unnecessary space and weight.

The advantage of a mobile air conditioner: if you are not travelling with your motorhome, you can use it in your home. In summer, for example, in the attic, where it usually gets unbearably hot.

In addition, an Escondido mobile air conditioner is much cheaper than a permanently installed air conditioner or a split unit. You can find out what a split air conditioner is in the article “What is a split air conditioner? You can find mobile air conditioners starting at approx. 200 Euro and under “Prices and Costs” you can get more information.

Size and weight

A caravan must not exceed its permissible total weight. When you buy an air conditioner, make sure that it does not weigh too much. Overloading your caravan or motorhome can result in heavy fines. If you are travelling with a caravan and it is already well loaded, you can alternatively transport the mobile air conditioner in your car.

Pay attention also to the size, because in a caravan or camper van place is scarce commodity. Before you install it, take a cardboard box, cut it to size and check before buying whether the mobile air conditioner would fit.

Tip: If you do not operate a winter camping, you can remove the heating from your caravan and thus create more space.

The noise development

On the campsite you are usually only a few metres away from your neighbour. Therefore, pay attention to the noise produced by the mobile air conditioning system. If it is running at full speed and is too loud, your neighbours will probably feel annoyed.

As a friendly camper you should be considerate of your neighbours. Just ask your neighbours if you feel disturbed. So you can avoid inconveniences in advance.

Tip: place the mobile air conditioning in your caravan or motorhome on thick and soft rubber mats (e.g. a washing machine base). According to experience reports, this reduces the noise level.

The power connection

Pay attention to the performance of the mobile air conditioner. Many campsites only offer electricity between 4 and 6 amps. So it can happen that the fuse “pops out”. The reason for this is the high inrush currents.

In the event that the fuse pops out, inrush current limiters / starting current limiters have proven their worth. The inrush current attenuation limits the inrush current to a value that does not cause the fuse to trip.

Attention: When several devices are connected simultaneously, the inrush current attenuation has no function. Amazon offers favourable inrush current limiters.

The exhaust air and the exhaust air hose

Mobile air conditioners all have an exhaust hose and why this is necessary is explained in the article on the exhaust hose. We would like to focus specifically on the situation in the caravan: You can hang it out of the window, but this will open the door to mosquitoes and other insects if you cannot close the mosquito net.

Our tip: drill a hole in the floor with a connection piece for the exhaust hose (e.g. under a bench). The hose is not visible there and you can close all windows at night. In addition, mosquitoes and other insects are very unlikely to fly into this opening.


A mobile air conditioner in a caravan is a great thing because you can also take a nap at noon at 21 degrees. The mobile air conditioner ensures a pleasant coolness. Just follow our tips and recommendations when buying and installing – there will be no nasty surprises. You will find a top list of the best mobile air conditioners on our website.

Buy air conditioning for caravans

Are you interested in an air conditioner that can be installed in a caravan? Our recommendation is the “Euromac AC2400 Split Air Conditioner”, which we have taken a closer look at in our article “Introduction: the Euromac AC2400 Split Air Conditioner for caravans”.

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